Generating customized LaTeX?

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Generating customized LaTeX?

Dinu Gherman

I'm working on a project where I'd greatly benefit from generating
customized LaTeX from ReST, mainly for using existing LaTeX macros,
basically for stuff like itemized lists, tables, figures, and code

After briefly sniffing into docutils 0.4 I found a "newlatex2e"
writer, which makes me wonder if this would be a better start than
the older "latex2e" one? But the older one contains methods like
LaTeXTranslator.visit_admonition(...) which seem useful to me
(in this case for listings maybe). Maybe there is some short text
describing how to derive such a customized version of a docutils

And yes, I am aware of a simpler solution using the |...| syntax
combined with raw:: LaTeX without having to subclass or rewrite
a docutils writer, but the shortcoming with that is it doesn't
quite work well with multiple output formats (like HTML + LaTeX,



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