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Boris Vladimir Comi
Hello, corrected the code and it runs correctly. I run the script through a program called McIDAS-V.
I guess when i run the script ( as follows: / home / mcidasv / McIDAS-V-System / runMcV-islfile refers to the module AreaFile.

My database is composed of monthly and is the Following:


Each has 3 channels: ir(infrarred), vis (visible), wv(water vapor) with four variables: raw, radiance, brightness and temperature .
I actually only interested in data format  .goes12ir and variable temperature.
I can make that filter data and where in the code could add that filter ?

After filtering the database, how could calculate the area of ​​the cloud shield whose temperature is <219 K (see purple line in attached)?

Note: when I deploy a data(200406010000.goes12ir) in the McIDAS-V, I get a satellite image that represents different values ​​of brightness temperatures associated with the cloud that appears in the satellite image (see image in attached)

Boris Vladimir Comi Gonzalez
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Grupo de Tormentas Convecivas

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