I wrote a very basic Django app - Looking for a mentor

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I wrote a very basic Django app - Looking for a mentor

Carlo Ascani
Hi all,

I wrote a simple Django 2.0 app I would like to distribute.

I am a frontend developer, so my Python code could be a bit meh, that is why I am looking for someone you would like to mentor me and helo releasing a good quality codebase.

The app does one simple thing:
it crawls the sass files of your project looking for special comments, and generates a "living styleguide" for your website.

If anyone is interested in helping me (mostly mentoring, I am a novice at Python), please write me in private or on IRC Freenode (carloratm)

I have not released the code publicly only because I want to wait until the app reaches a minimum code quality standard.

So, if you are interested in the topic, just let me know!

To be clear: that is not a job position! :)


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