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IDE with full code completion and doc popups

Hi all,

as the mail archives did not really get me an answer to my
question/problem I am now hoping, that this is not too much OffTopic:

Having read the PyGtk FAQ entry for IDE and auto completion, I still am
a bit unhappy. Only Eclipse would have been an option for me, out of
the list of IDEs, but the completion is still very basic, giving no doc
strings, argument count for constructors/functions or whatever.

So my search goes on…

Has anybody managed to get auto completion for PyGtk running in Spyder
(which would be my favorite IDE by now)?
Or any hints if it is possible to get full completion and doc support
in Eclipse/Netbeans/PyCharm running?

Thanks, Jaleks

(Already tried to dicuss this on the spyderlib list [1], but the
results where quite mixed.)


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