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Kumar Anirudha-2
Hi BangPypers,

The world is waiting to see the next Satoshi/Vitalik – Are you the one?

If you’re crazy enough to believe in the blockchain revolution and want to
be a part of it, join us at Hack@IDF <http://www.indiadappfest.com/hackidf>
to learn, network and most importantly #BUIDL!

We at Blockchained India, the largest and the most developer focussed
community on blockchain in the country, call out all developers,
technologists, cypherpunks, coders, crypto-economists, designers, makers,
and the like to apply! Distributed ledger technology is the future and we
don’t want you to miss the bus to the revolution.

To help distributed network enthusiasts and practitioners get started in
the space, and in turn, capture the next wave of opportunities, we are
hosting Hack@IDF, a high-quality hackathon cum workshop event.

Participate at the hackathon if you’re building the next innovative
applications on top of blockchain or if you’re keen to learn and dive
deeper into the evolution of Blockchain technology.

Register here to participate – bit.ly/hackidf

Mark your calendar for the hackathon & workshop– 11- 13th June

Venue - Bangalore

Hack@IDF brings 10+ expert mentors at its blockchain hackathon to guide
every kickass developer potentially looking to enter the blockchain era and
every blockchain whiz whose application is all set to capture a global

At the hackathon, we are looking at some world-class projects participate
in taking the workshops, setting the problem statements for crowdsourced
innovation and then, mentoring the teams to build impactful solutions. They
will also be conducting workshops alongside to help with upskilling of our
participants on different blockchain platforms and understanding the best
choice for their envisioned use case.

Attend workshops by industry veterans from Matic Network, Algorand and
Indium Network and learn how to build DApps in a day.

Join 200+ blockchain professionals/developers/mentors at Hack@IDF
Visit here <http://bit.ly/hackidf> to register.

For more information, feel free to reach out to *Manav*(
[hidden email]) or *Lakshay* ([hidden email]).

Kumar Anirudha
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