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Fernando Perez
Hi all,

for the past couple of weeks, the core devs have been working on trying to formalize what up until now have been our informally maintained governance practices.  The idea is simply that clarifying and making explicit many of these informal practices will make our community healthier as it grows, and easier for newcomers and external agents to engage with, participate in, and become productive members of.

We tried to do the minimal amount of private editing just to make sure that the core devs were comfortable with the language, but the current document should be considered a draft fully open to feedback and discussion from the broader community. It currently lives at:

We'd like to hear any feedback any of you might have.

I'd also like to thank the members of the core team who provided thoughtful, considered and meaningful feedback as we worked on this initial draft together.

All the best,

Fernando, on behalf of the core dev team.

Fernando Perez (@fperez_org; http://fperez.org)
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