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[IPython-User] Start script while starting qtconsole

klo uo

In terminal I can run:

    ipython -i <path-to-my-script>

and everything is as expected - script is executed, namespace populated, waiting my input.

For qtconsole same command errors. I can't find any other way to launch script on qtconsole start except with PYTHONSTARTUP variable. Ok, I've set it, but still not as expected:

After manipulating `sys.path` script ends with lines like this:

from anybox.recipe.proj.runtime.session import Session
session = Session(...)

After starting qtconsole I have `Session` object, but not `session` that instantiates it.

Does anyone know why, or is there some more sane way to load a script on qtconsole start without setting environment variables?

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