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[IPython-User] %matplotlib qt hangs notebook

Vasco Tenner-2
sometimes when I run %matplotlib qt in the ipython notebook (v4), it is
indicated that the cell is executed and that the kernel is not busy.
However, the next cell cannot be executed: there appears a *, as should
be, but there is no output, the * remains, but the kernel does not look

This mainly happens when I run the second cell, while the %matplotlib qt
command is not finished yet.

Is this a known problem? How can I diagnose what is going on? I tried to
start jupyter with --debug flag, but it does not give any errors or
messages relating the notebook/kernel that is giving problems.

This problem occurs at both a windowsxp machine with the newest python3
version from anaconda, as on a ubuntu machine, with
* python '3.4.0 (default, Jun 19 2015, 14:20:21) \n[GCC 4.8.2]'
* matplotlib 1.3.1

Both with ipython4 from pypi

Kind regards,

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