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Iconview Pixbuf resizing

Martin Hjort Eriksen

Just to confirm what I have been observing.

I have an Iconview that contains a pixbuf and a text column. When I use set_item_width on the iconview, only the text column reacts. Which makes me think that the iconview cannot dynamically resize items in a pixbuf column. So I am guessing that I need to resize the images before loading loading them into a pixbuf column?

I am attempting to have an iconview where the size of the items can be set dynamically, and was hoping that the iconview could handle that. But as far I can see it cannot do that, and will have to write my own code to handle that. I was thinking in the lines of either replacing the model with pixbufs of the new size, or update the individual pixbufs in the existing model. Does anybody have any comments about that?


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