Interested in working with a successful Stanford genomics startup?

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Interested in working with a successful Stanford genomics startup?

Balaji Srinivasan
Counsyl is now doing genomic testing on more than 1% of all births in the United States. 

We're a genomics startup that's developed an affordable pre-pregnancy test which every parent can take before conception to increase their chances of having a healthy child. The test is covered by insurance and prescribed by thousands of physicians internationally. It was featured in the New York Times, named one of Scientific American's Top 10 World Changing Ideas, and won the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award for Medicine.

We've quietly grown to become one of the largest genome centers in the world, and our growth is accelerating. Many groups have done research genomes, but no one has ever done medical genomics at quite this scale before.

Our team is stocked with Stanford scientists and engineers, we're very well funded, and we're growing at a blistering pace.

We're also hiring.

Backend Engineer Position (

About you:
  • BS | MS | PhD in Computational Biology, Statistics, or equivalent
  • Expert in machine learning and working with large datasets
  • Background in analysis of next-generation sequencing data
  • Can script, scrape, and clean any dataset
  • Knows how to produce well structured code, a hybrid between an engineer and a PhD/research scientist
  • Knowledge of NCBI, 1000 Genomes, and Hapmap databases
  • Good intuition for the right statistical graphic
  • Strong desire to learn web frameworks like Django, and to pick up HTML/CSS/JS
  • High comfort level with OS X | Ubuntu | CentOS | Gentoo
  • Exposure to systems running PostgreSQL | MySQL
What you'll do
  • Work with a small team on the entire stack, with a focus on the backend
  • Develop algorithms and code for clinical genomic datasets straight off the sequencer
  • Co-author manuscripts describing our technology and datasets
  • Actually do the bench-to-bedside stuff that everyone has been talking about
  • Enjoy taking care of the practical last mile problems needed to actually achieve a societal ROI on our multibillion investment in the Human Genome Project

What you'll get
  • Competitive salary and start-up equity package
  • Excellent health insurance
  • Catered meals every day plus a fully stocked fridge
  • Gym access to work it off
  • MacBook Pro, 30" monitor, iPad, iPhone, and all the toys you need
Apply Online:
Location: Redwood City & South San Francisco

Balaji S. Srinivasan, Ph.D.
[hidden email]
CTO, Counsyl
Lecturer, Depts. of Statistics & Computer Science, Stanford University
2200 Bridge Parkway, Redwood City CA 94065

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