Is CherryPy dead?

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Is CherryPy dead?


I have this past year been using the CherryPy framework for a couple of projects
and love everything about it. Alas everywhere I go online i dont find anything
good or what i expect to find for what i consider such a great framework.
Have people moved to other frameworks? Are CherryPy users hermits?
Its discouraging to go online and search for benchmarks and comparisons only to
find little to none when it comes to CherryPy.
Everywhere you go , all you see is info about Flask/Django etc. I look at their
Hello World examples and scoff at how convoluted and messy they seem. What is
CherryPy missing.
Recently I wanted to learn something new just not to stay rusty so I researched
what to learn ( concerning python web frameworks) and couldnt decide.
CherryPy has about 1000 questions on StackOverflow , flask 18 times that, and
Django about 8 times the amount of flask. Clearly less people are talking about
CherryPy online which sometimes makes it harder to find a solution to something
which is CherryPy specific, but I rarely encounter those issues.

I personally love CherryPy and everything about it, I especially love the part
where I dont even know im using CherryPy because it never gets in my way, it
feels just like writing only python.

Considering future endeavors is it a good decision to keep using CherryPy or
learn something which is more marketable/popular/hip?

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