(Issue #4711) Wide literals in the table of contents overflow in documentation

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(Issue #4711) Wide literals in the table of contents overflow in documentation

Scott Dial-5
I posted this bug a few months ago onto the tracker and it didn't garner
any attention, perhaps because it is a bit of a nitpick. However, it
drives me nuts everytime I see it come up in the python docs, so I bring
it up here again in hopes of resolving it. I copy the report here:

There is a problem with the table contents with respect to literals that
cannot be word-wrapped. I see this issue here:


The line in the table of contents that reads "The
multiprocessing.sharedctypes module" is broken in that the literal
"multiprocessing.sharedctypes" overflows into the right-hand side. It
also ends up underneath the contents on the right, which makes it extra
hard to know what that entry was about.

This instance may be browser specific, but I think it brings up a more
general question of what should be done with such long literals and how
overflow should be handled. And perhaps even whether it is wise to have
set the width of that div to such a narrow and specific value (230px).

Scott Dial
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