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Job Hunting

Michael Foord
Job Hunting

Job Hunting

emoticon:restart I'm now officially looking for work as a programmer. Smile

I'd prefer to work with Python, doing web development (not web-design, which is another kettle of fish). But I'm willing to learn (more-or-less) any language/development environment [1].

Money isn't particularly an issue, but I'm looking for work in the Northampton (UK) area. I'm also looking for work four days a week, so I can stick with my job at the Jesus Centre.

These factors could limit my choices. I'm definitely worth it though. Laughing

I need to polish up my CV before I start submitting it to local companies. There are a lot more computer firms in the area than I expected.

[1]I would rather not have to learn Java or Perl if I can avoid it - but ASP or PHP would be fine. They seem fairly ubiquitous in the world of commercial web development.

Posted by Fuzzyman on 2005-12-22 08:50:08.
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