June talk volunteer: Mercurial

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June talk volunteer: Mercurial

Bryan O'Sullivan
Hi -
I'd be interested in giving a talk at BayPiggies on the Mercurial
distributed SCM.  It's written in Python, portable, distributed, easy to
learn, and very, very fast.

As to why it's interesting, it's being used by such big, well-regarded
operating system projects as Xen and OpenSolaris, and smaller, popular
projects such as MoinMoin and microformats.

If you're interested, some topics to cover would be:

      * How fast is it?  (Answer: faster than almost every other SCM
      * How easy is it to pick up and use?  (Answer: 5 minutes or so)
      * What are some of the techniques it uses to get such good

Here's the project URL:



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