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Jupyter notebook

Senthilkumar Rajarathanam
Dear Friends, Yesterday as per suggestion from anirudha and others, today i
have started to work on Jupyter notebook.

I am partially successful with Python image processing programs:

1. Converting it to .ipynb python notebook
2.  downloaded with .py extension, .rst extension and .md extension
3. downloaded with .html extension
4. downloaded asciidoc files

But I have following doubts and hoping that you are all mostly working on

1. How to install Open-CV in Jupyter notebook?
2. How to convert asciidoc files to slides?
3. downloaded slides.html. But only first page slide is available.
4. downloaded LaTeX .tex, but failed to convert it in to pdf.
5. Failed to download PDF from LaTeX directly

my files are available in drive shared here:


Kindly help me in this regard

Dr.R.Senthilkumar, AP/ECE, IRTT
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