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JyJy and Jython compatibility

Stuart D. Gathman
> Does my valuable code suddenly become a thing
> that can't jump into the future?  Granted there will
> probably be work between jython version to jython
> version to have it work.  I had to do some recoding to
> get it to work from jython 2.1 to jython 2.2.

Keep in mind that the whole point of JyJy, like Jython is to
integrate with Java.  So, classes written in JyJy, even though
the source code syntax might look like Python, are still Java classes.
Just like classes written in Jython today look like python but
are real Java classes as far as the JVM is concerned.  Presumably,
the (as yet far off) JyJy project will preserve those portions
of the externally visible API deemed important.

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