Jython at JavaOne drinkup - Sun 7p Sept 28 at the Thirsty Bear

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Jython at JavaOne drinkup - Sun 7p Sept 28 at the Thirsty Bear

Jim Baker-2
If you are in San Francisco this Sunday September 28 for JavaOne - or just happen to be in the Bay Area - we are having a drinkup at the ever popular Thirsty Bear restaurant to kickoff JavaOne and discuss Jython development and use.

Confirmed attendees include Josh Juneau, Frank Wierzbicki, and myself. Let's meet on the first floor of the restaurant at 7 pm. Feel free to add your name here if you can make it!

The Thirsty Bear is at 661 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105, one block from the Moscone Center. They have great beer and Spanish tapas. There is also a free reception about Java EE starting at 8 pm on the second floor of the Thirsty Bear 

I should also mention that we will have one Jython-related session at JavaOne on Monday at 7 pm:

OpenStack on the JVM [BOF6559]
OpenStack is an open source platform for building out clouds made up of components (Nova, Swift, ...) written in Python. OpenStack operators often need to integrate these components with a Java-based environment. Although REST or similar APIs can provide a good solution, this type of integration adds development, IPC, deployment, and other costs. This session’s speakers recently demonstrated running OpenStack’s Keystone identity service directly on the JVM via Jython. No code changes in Keystone were required, enabling immediate plug-in of their existing Java-based identity provider. This BOF discusses their solution, including support for unified logging, Spring dependency injection, and container support and covers issues for other OpenStack components.


- Jim

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