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Jython with Jikes RVM

Niko Matsakis
Has anyone tried using Jython on the Jikes RVM?  When I do, I get the  
following error:

> ;rvm -jar jython.jar
> *sys-package-mgr*: processing modified jar, '/Users/niko/proj/
> jikesrvm/rvmRoot/rvmBuild/RVM.classes/jksvm.jar'
> *sys-package-mgr*: processing modified jar, '/Users/niko/proj/
> jikesrvm/rvmRoot/rvmBuild/RVM.classes/rvmrt.jar'
> Jython 2.2a1 on java1.4.2 (JIT: JikesRVM)
> JikesRVM: internal error: recursive use of hardware exception  
> registers (exiting)
> -- Stack --
>    Lcom/ibm/JikesRVM/VM_StackTrace; <init>(I)V at line 74
> ^C
> ;

I am running on OS X 10.4, with Jython v2.2a1 and Jikes RVM 2.4.3.  
Seems to be more of a Jikes RVM error than Jython, but I was just  
curious if anyone on this list had any experience with it.


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