Lead Python Web Services Framework Architect - Python, WSGI, PostgresSQL, Apache Server

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Lead Python Web Services Framework Architect - Python, WSGI, PostgresSQL, Apache Server

Lead Python Web Services Framework Architect - Python, WSGI, PostgresSQL, Apache Server

Job Responsibilities

The Lead Python Web Services Framework Architect will be responsible for maintenance and expansion of the Python Web Framework which powers the WordStream Suite of SaaS products. Day-to-day activities include:

    * Design and development of improvements to the Python-based software stack which our products are built upon
    * Implementation and management of distributed database systems
    * Development of system maintenance tools and processes
    * Design of processes for scaling the infrastructure
    * Design and implementation of an infrastructure management solution

This position will require a significant amount of work with Open Source technologies.  WordStream is a proud supporter of Open Source, and does strive to contribute improvements back to the Open Source community.

Please note that this is not a System Administration posting; instead, we are seeking individuals with prior experience in dealing with the development and administration of complex Linux-based web frameworks.  Candidates must have top-notch programming skills in additon to a solid understanding of Linux-based system administration.

Only candidates with a bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering, or, a very substantial amount of related technical coursework and work experience in a related field will be considered.

Required Skills: Web Framework Development/Administration, Linux System Administration, PostgresSQL, Apache Server

Bonus Skills: Python, PyAMF, CherryPy, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)/CentOS, Git, Trac, SQLite, Open-Source software development, SQL, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3), Google App Engine

Required Experience: 3+ years

Required Education: Bachelor's Degree

Position Title: Lead Python Web Services Framework Architect

Type of Position: Full-time or Contract-to-hire

Travel Required: None

Location: Worldwide - This is a Telecommute Job / Work From Home (WFH), or, optionally, work from Boston, MA.

How To Apply

To apply for the Lead Python Web Services Framework Architect position, send a resume and cover letter to jobs at WordStream dot com.

About WordStream

WordStream is a venture-backed startup engaged in providing online software as a service (SaaS) search engine marketing software solutions for PPC/SEM and SEO. Our patented, innovative software-as-a-service applications automate the manual, repetitive work involved in search engine optimization, saving time and enabling customers to improve ROI on search marketing objectives in a consistent and repeatable manner. For more information please visit: www.wordstream.com