Leo 5.7b1 released

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Leo 5.7b1 released

Edward K. Ream
Leo <http://leoeditor.com/> 5.7b1 is now available on SourceForge
<http://sourceforge.net/projects/leo/files/Leo/> and on GitHub

Leo is an IDE, outliner and PIM, as described here

Simulating Leo's features in Vim, Emacs or Eclipse is possible, just as it
is possible to simulate Python in assembly language...

*The highlights of Leo 5.7*

   - Added Debian package for Leo.
   - pip install leo (After 5.7 final)
   - A web-based Leo Viewer, written by Joe Orr.
   - New reload-settings command.
   - Leo optionally shows user tips on startup.
   - Added a new Tips page to Leo's documentation.
   - Improved the console_gui plugin.
   - Added live links from urls in the log pane.
   - Unit tests use a string gui, making them faster and more robust.
   - The line_numbering plugin shows line numbers in external files.
   - Improved the javascript importer.
   - Added 6 new commands.
   - Dozens of bug fixes.


   - Leo's home page <http://leoeditor.com>
   - Documentation <http://leoeditor.com/leo_toc.html>
   - Tutorials <http://leoeditor.com/tutorial.html>
   - Video tutorials <http://leoeditor.com/screencasts.html>
   - Forum <http://groups.google.com/group/leo-editor>
   - Download <http://sourceforge.net/projects/leo/files/>
   - Leo on GitHub <https://github.com/leo-editor/leo-editor>
   - LeoVue <https://github.com/kaleguy/leovue#leo-vue>
   - What people are saying about Leo
   - A web page that displays .leo files
   - More links <http://leoeditor.com/leoLinks.html>

Edward K. Ream: [hidden email] Leo: http://leoeditor.com/

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