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Link in entry title doesn't play nice with yeararchives

Michael Phillips
Hi all,

When I want to share something on my Pyblosxom blog, I link to it directly from the title. See for an example. That creates a problem when using the yeararchives plugin. When an entry contains a link in the title, the archive link provided for that entry is to the external page rather than the entry itself. That makes it such that there's no way via navigation to get to older entries that have links in titles. See and click on 'Trello' to see what I mean. 

I looked at the yeararchives plugin to try and fix this for my use case, but I'm not familiar enough with the code to know how to fix it. Any recommendations?

Huge thanks to the folks that have worked on Pyblosxom; it's a great platform. I'm using static rendering and hosting with Amazon S3. 



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