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Looking for a Python Team

Scott Garrison-2
Hello all,

I'm currently looking for a new team to be a part of, ideally in a
group that uses Python for some of their technologies.  While my
resume is not littered with Python work experience, it has been my
programming language of choice since I was introduced to it in 2002,
at a course at UC Berkeley, where I studied Physics.  I always have a
python ide open for automating daily tasks and when I do back-end
projects for peoples' websites or businesses I always default to using
it.  Being a part of a team that uses it daily would be a real treat.

While I've been responsible for fairly senior software developer
positions in the past, I would be willing to start in an entry level
position if it meant that I was working with a good team, doing
interesting work.  For me, I'm more motivated to be doing something I
can get behind.

If anyone knows of a position please contact me offline and I will
send you my resume.  Alternatively, I've created a LinkedIn profile.

Thanks for your consideration,
Scott Garrison
Long time BayPIGgies lurker
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