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Merging dev mailinglist into users mailinglist

Thijs Triemstra
Hi there,

[hidden email] is the mailinglist for PyAMF that has been available  
since day 1, and after a couple of months we created [hidden email]  
for more general user questions about PyAMF. Mainly because of IRC [1]  
we don't use the [hidden email] for developer discussions. Since there  
hasn't been a post on this list for months, compared to an average of  
a couple of mails a day on the users list, we decided [2] to close  
this mailinglist and ask the people on this list to use  
[hidden email] instead from now on. We'll move all subscribers of  
this list automatically to the users list, so you shouldn't have to do  
anything, you'll simply receive a confirmation email that you were  
subscribed to [hidden email].

Sorry for any inconvenience and hope to talk to you again on users@ :)  
Also cc-ing the users list on this email.




PyAMF dev mailing list - [hidden email]

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