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Modification for static handler

Johan Hartzenberg
In my system I have a routedispatcher handler mounted at /api and I have a static handler mounted at /static

This works OK but I have an idea of how to add authentication to the static aspect.  I use JWTs for access to most handlers in /api already.

I would like the static files under /static/pub to be served as is - These are "public".

For entries under /static/{username}/* I want the handler to check that a valid JWT is included in a Bearer Authorization header with a sub matching the "username" portion of the path...

For the static file serving I currently use:
static_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
static_files_conf = {'/': {'tools.staticdir.root': static_dir,
'tools.staticdir.on': True,
'tools.staticdir.dir': 'static',
'tools.expires.on': True,
'tools.expires.secs': 15552000 # six months. Updated files will be given a new URI!
cherrypy.tree.mount(None, '/static', config=static_files_conf)

Thank you!

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