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Monster Super League Android APK

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Like with Digimon, Pokémon, and the like? If you answer yes, then Monster Super League could become one of the best games on this list. Monster Super League arguably is the result of a cross between Pokémon GO with casual RPG game that we often encounter on mobile devices.

This game incorporates a mechanism similar to the capture of Pokémon using the Poke Ball, with combat action organize a group of monsters ala Monster Age. To be more interesting, 4:33 Creative Labs developers to package this game with a very attractive graphical display, complete with fancy animations.

Bottom line if you're getting bored with Pokémon GO, this game can actually be a very effective way to make you feel at home capturing the monster back on the smartphone screen. Bulb Boy is a horror game with an unusual appearance that I found in September 2016. Although present in smaller screen sizes, but the terror that you find in the mobile version of this PC horror game remains the same, and the good news you can pocket the horror game into the pocket.

Bulb Boy is a game that combines the game of point and click horror with a visual display that reminds me of the TV series made in Cartoon Network. In this game you will play as Bulb Boy to be an adventure to find out the mystery of what happened to the neighborhood.

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The strange creatures that are here not only looks scary but also a spectacle that bothered us. Although the graphics are cute, but not the Boy Bulb entertainment suitable for children because of this game to lift the element of death, disgusting monsters, feces and worms everywhere.