Myghty 0.99a + SQLAlchemy early access

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Myghty 0.99a + SQLAlchemy early access

Michael Bayer
hey all -

I have released Myghty 0.99a, which includes a variety of bugfixes, as
well as a new demo application which illustrates some new controller ideas
plus integration with an improved MyghtyJax toolkit and the upcoming
SQLAlchemy database library.

Myghty is a full Python port of HTML::Mason, the very popular templating
toolkit for Perl.  Since its original release, it has added lots of
paradigms and features not included in Mason, such as the Module
Components embedded-code and controller paradigm.  It is also the
template/controller engine built into the upcoming Pylons webstack.
Myghty can be downloaded at

SQLAlchemy is a Python developer toolkit which assists in interacting with
SQL databases via DBAPI.  It features a lightweight connection pooling
library, cross-database expression-based query-construction, a Unit of
Work system which tracks changes and commits entire graphs of objects to
the database at once, and an object-relational mapper, built on the Data
Mapper pattern, which supports a wide variety of object relationships and
features such as lazy and eager loading, inheritance, and association
objects.  SQLAlchemy is available for early review and access via
anonymous SVN at .

- mike

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