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New Interface for PythonCAD

Miguel Verdú-2

I use Linux from 2003, but I still hava my windows
partition because I have to use AutoCad.

I think there are a lot CAD projects over the
opensource project but anyone it's good enought to
leave Autocad, but I would like so much.

So, the best thing of opensource it's exactly that, if
you don't like a program you can change it. Then I
decided contribuite to that. The main problem is that
I dont know program, but I think I can help to the
comunity making a more useful interface to PythonCAD.

I think there are million of people that want to
migrate to Linux and they can't do it because there is
an alternative good enought. I think the interface
must be more similar to Autocad because it is an
starndard and there are million of peaplo dont have
time to know new interfaces, so...

What do you think about create a new interface much
more similar to Autocad with glade. I've comented that
to the main developer and he told me all you don't use
a glade interface because dont want to limit other
desktops differents to gnome, but I think we could do
it portable anyway like gimp, or others making statics
versions (with all libraries requirements).

I'm working on it, and I send you the icons I'm
working based on Tango icon theme.

Please tell me your coments and tips.

Greetings and sorry for my bad english.

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