Next CamPUG meeting: Tue 4th October

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Next CamPUG meeting: Tue 4th October

Tony Ibbs
>From our google group:

The next meeting should be a coding/dojo meeting, 7.30pm at RealVNC  (

(although depending on who comes along, it might also be a PyConUK retrospective, since I think those of us who got to go went to a range of different talks)

Meetings after that should be:

* Tuesday 1st November, talks again
* Tuesday 6th December, dojo/coding again (not the 1st as I appear to have said last time)

Do people want the first meeting of 2012 to be Tuesday 3rd January, or Tuesday 10th, given that Monday 2nd will presumably be a public holiday? It's meant to be a tallks meeting.

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