Next CamPUG meeting: Tuesday 6th March

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Next CamPUG meeting: Tuesday 6th March

Tony Ibbs
The next meeting will be a talks meeting, Tuesday 6th March, 7.30pm at RealVNC (

We normally stop about 9.30pm, and go on to the pub.

As normal, any offers of talks (anything from 5 minutes to the full two hours is acceptable) would be gratefully received.

After discussion at the last meeting, I'm considering whether the meeting after that should be a Questions and Answers meeting, where people can bring along things they'd like advise on, or topics they would like explaining, or just tips on things they've found useful. Other people's reactions would be welcome!

Meetings after that should be:

* Tuesday 3rd April, Q&A, coding tips, etc.
* Tuesday 1st May, talks again
* Tuesday 5th June

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