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Next London Python Code Dojo

Nicholas H.Tollervey
Hi Folks,

The next London Python Code Dojo is happening a week today on the 6th October from 6:30pm. You can sign up here (tickets go quickly):

(n.b. I didn't create that URL, Eventwax did. It should be season-3-episode-1 but they won't let me change it. I've reported a bug)

We’ll be doing some group based coding. This will involve brainstorming ideas during the pizza/beer part of the evening followed by a vote on which problem to solve and then a couple of hours of furious coding. To wrap the evening up we do a “show and tell” followed by drinks in the pub.


Fry-IT Ltd.

Nearest Tubes: Waterloo Southwark

Address: Fry-IT Limited
503 Enterprise House
1/2 Hatfields
London SE1 9PG

See you there!

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