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Next Python Sheffield July 26th

Daley Chetwynd-2
Hi all,

The next Python Sheffield meeting has now been confirmed for Tuesday
July 26th at the GIST Lab. The meeting will run from 19:00 - 21:00,
although doors will be open at the GIST Lab from 18:30. The GIST Lab
is located opposite Sheffield train station and behind the Showroom

This month we're having a coding session using PyGame:

We'll be pairing up and attempting to recreate the Atari game Breakout
using PyGame:

At our previous meeting last week we had 20 people attending. If you'd
like to join us this time then please register for free at:

Bring along a laptop with Python and PyGame ready installed if you
can. Cheat sheets will be provided to help you get a headstart with
PyGame, and there'll be experienced PyGame users to help us along.
More information can be found on the Python Sheffield group by
following @pysheff on Twitter, or from the Google group:

We're always looking for future speakers, so if you'd like to talk on anything Python-related and fancy a trip over to Sheffield, please get in touch.


Daley Chetwynd

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