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Next Python Sheffield Oct 25th

Daley Chetwynd-2
Hi all,

The next Python Sheffield meeting has now been confirmed for Tuesday
October 25th at the GIST Lab. The meeting will run from 19:00 - 20:45,
although doors will be open at the GIST Lab from 18:30. The GIST Lab
is located opposite Sheffield train station and behind the Showroom

This month we're having a coding session on Python 2 to 3 conversion.
We'll be working in groups and trying to convert Python libraries
still only in Python 2 over to Python 3. We'll need suggestions on
which Python libraries to convert, so if there's a Python library you
regularly use that isn't yet converted into Python 3, please let me
know. In an hour and 45 minutes we're not likely to get an entire
major Python library converted, but we can convert some of the library
and learn about Python 2 and 3 differences in the process. Try to
bring along a laptop with Python ready installed.

If you'd like to join us for this event then please register for free

We're always looking for future speakers, so if you'd like to talk on anything Python-related and fancy a trip over to Sheffield, please let me know. To find out more about the Python Sheffield group, follow @pysheff on
Twitter or see the Google group:


Daley Chetwynd

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