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Next Python Sheffield tomorrow

Daley Chetwynd
Hi all,

The next Python Sheffield meeting is tomorrow night (Tues May 31st) at
the GIST Lab. The meeting will run from 19:00 - 21:00, although doors
will be open at the GIST Lab from 18:30. The GIST Lab is located
opposite Sheffield train station and behind the Showroom cinema:

This month it's a Version Control Systems meeting and we have the
following three talks:

David Jones: Introduction to Perforce
Dave King: Introduction to Distributed Version Control Systems with
Edward Saxton: Git - Crazy and Immoral

We currently have 13 people registered for the meeting, but room for
plenty more. If you'd like to join us, please register for free at:

More information can be found on the Python Sheffield group by following
@pysheff on Twitter or from the Google group:



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