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Old 2.2. bug reports

Felix Schwarz

I'm looking a the remaining bug reports which were originally in the 2.2.2
milestone. As no one will ever release 2.2.2, this milestone was closed and
I'm checking if the bug is applicable for 2.3.0 and is worth fixing for 2.3.1.

 From the existing 2.2.2 ticket I'd like to:

- Issue serving files to download using cherrypy (#762)
     Too complex unless someone provides a patch that is approved by fumanchu
- if client sends ID that does not exist no on_*_session is called (#652)
     (subtle) API change and I guess most users can live with it. Might be
     reconsidered if patch is provided

If you'd like to keep these bug reports open, please tell me - otherwise I'll
close them in a week.

to be considered/will investigate
- settings 'expires' attribute for Cookies should be optional (#512)

will fix/commit:
- CherryPy 2.3.0 regression with Python 2.5 (#995)


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