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Python on win32 2477 8552
by Russman_71
tkinter-discuss 864 2631
by gerard.roger.laine@f...
IDLE development 196 746
by glsmaxx
A list for users and developers of Python for .NET 329 831
by GKalman
Python Distribution Utilities 2279 13406
by coneje
SIG on Python for the Apple Macintosh 1986 8510
by sameer
Discussion of an index of Python resources 549 3726
by David Fischer
Planning the European Python community conference 838 2607
by Giovanni Bajo-2
Mailman list for bug and patch messages 1756 2537
by Barry Warsaw-109
Image Processing with Python SIG 1390 3519
by Chris Hare, CISSP, C...
Python in education 1213 5423
by A. Jorge Garcia
SIG on Python Tabular Databases 375 1311
by eGenix Team: M.-A. L...
Discussion of Python compilation 137 160
by George Georgalis
For issues concerning python-mode for X/Emacs 341 1187
by Andreas Röhler-2
SIG for Python support for the Web 450 3429
by Stephan Diehl-4
SIG for designing and implementing email 3.0 106 659
by pbradeen
Mailing list for PythonCAD development 277 596
by Russ Nelson
Public discussion of PSF Grants applications 5 10
by Dante Torio
Python Documentation Special Interest Group 121 508
by Michael Foord-5
XML Processing in Python 441 1002
by Stefan Behnel-3
Python programming on Windows CE 419 1219
by Jacob Kruger-3
Python internationalization and localization 43 92
by My Th
Coordinating the Mailman documentation project 1 5
by Glenn Sieb