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PEP 444 Draft Rewrite

Alice Bevan–McGregor

I've mostly finished a draft rewrite of PEP 444 (WSGI 2), incorporating
some additional ideas covering things like py2k/py3k interoperability
and switching from a more narrative style to a substantially
RFC-inspired language.

I'm using Textile as my intermediary format, and will obviously need to
convert this to ReStructuredText when I'm done.  Missing are:

 * The majority of the examples.
 * Narrative rationale, wich I'll be writing shortly.
 * Narrative Python compatibility documentation.
 * Asynchronous documentation.  This will likely rely on the abstract
API defined in PEP 3148 (futures) as implemented in Python 3.2 and the
"futures" package available on PyPi.
 * Additional and complete references.  The Rationale chapter will add
many references to community discussion.

I would appreciate it greatly if this rewrite could be read through and
questions, corrections, or even references to possible ambiguity
mentioned in discussion.

Have a happy holidays and a merry new-year, everybody!  :)

        - Alice.

P.s. I'll be updating my PEP 444 reference implementation HTTP 1.1
server (marrow.server.http) over the holidays to incorporate the
changes in this rewrite; most notably the separation of byte strings,
unicode strings, and native strings.

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