PUN talk: Data Analysis with pandas

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PUN talk: Data Analysis with pandas

Guido Kollerie-2

I've uploaded my presentation/IPython notebook on 'Data Analysis with
pandas'. Given all the zooming in and out I had to perform I presume
not everyone had the opportunity to see all of it properly ;-)


BTW someone in the audience asked why Psychology was listed three
times in the top 5 studies that had more women than men. Turns out I
had not grouped by 'opleidingsnaam actueel' resulting in Psychology
listed once for each of:

- voltijd onderwijs - bachelor
- voltijd onderwijs - propedeuse
- deeltijd onderwijs - bachelor

By running:

    wo.groupby('opleidingsnaam actueel').sum()

they are now taken together as one. I have reflected that in the
IPython Notebook that I have uploaded. To whoever pointed it out.
Thank you, good catch!

Bye, Guido
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