PyAMF + Django - HTTP Internal error 500

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PyAMF + Django - HTTP Internal error 500

Hello all

I've encountered a weird problem with PyAMF. I created a test django application , a gateway as explained. (django 1.2.5,pyamf 0.6.1)
When trying to connect with Flex's remoteobject I get sendFailed (500 int. error) and when trying w/ NetConnection I get no response at all (I see 500 err in the console).

1. Debug is set to true, and when calling the direct http://localhost:8000/gateway/test of the gateway it shows blank screen (as it should?)
2.When I tested it with the testfile (RemotingService,etc)..and it works fine when workin w/o authentication (it does not remmember the session and does not open secured methods using @login_required after logging in)...
3.My flex configuration is:
        var chanset:ChannelSet=new ChannelSet();
        chanset.addChannel(new AMFChannel("amf1","http://localhost:8000/gateway/test"))
 the destination of the remoteservice is defined as IdeaService (in the gateway functions are listed as 'IdeaService.list')

So what am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance