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[PyCon India 2018] Sponsorship Announcement

vijay kumar-2
Hi All,

The sponsorship for PyCon India 2018 is open[0]. Here is our sponsorship
Note: We are providing early bird discount on sponsorship till Jan 31st,

In case you need further clarifications, feel free to reach out to us @
[hidden email].
If your organization is interested in sponsoring this year or if you know
any organization that uses Python and would be interesetd in sponsoring,
please share the details here [2] and help connect to more organizations.

Request you to forward this mail to other related groups, organizations,
and individuals who can help with sponsorship.

[0]: http://bit.ly/sponsorship-announcement
[1]: http://bit.ly/sponsorship-prospectus
[2]: http://bit.ly/organization-info

With Thanks,
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