PyCon India 2020: The Talk Schedule is Out!

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PyCon India 2020: The Talk Schedule is Out!

Sayan Chowdhury-3
Hi everyone,

The PyCon India 2020 talk schedule is out![0]

The sheer amount of proposals we received from you all over the last
couple of days exceeded all our wildest expectations. The review
committee along with all the volunteers worked quite hard to make the
deadlines work. The schedule has been released a day before the
deadline which signals us that we are on track as we move forward
according to the plan. All these efforts go on to accomplish one
outcome. An awesome PyCon India keeping you at its epicentre!

As we are releasing the talk and keynotes schedule, be sure to look
out for the release of workshops and information about many more
events in the coming days on Twitter and on our mailing list. Our
rehearsal team is working double-time to get all the speakers in top
shape for making this year's PyCon India experience amazing for

To check the schedule you can visit the schedule page[1] or the
homepage as well.

See you, folks, in 18 days!


Sayan Chowdhury
On behalf of PyCon India 2020 Team
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