PyCon JP 2017: Call for Proposals

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PyCon JP 2017: Call for Proposals

Hello! My name is Akira Taniguchi. I am a PyCon JP staff member.

PyCon JP will run on Sep 8 (Fri) and 9 (Sat). We’ve launched our public
website ( and are accepting proposals until Jun 5

If possible, please forward this email to individuals who may be interested
and relevant mailing lists.
About This Year’s Conference

The theme for this year’s PyCon JP is “Output and Follow”. We increased the
target number of accepted talks, and made the duration 30 minutes for all
talks. We welcome talks from a wide range of topics and difficulty levels.
For example, on top of talks introducing Python features, frameworks and
example applications, we’re also looking forward to topics previously
unseen at PyCon JP, topics requiring a high level of technical skill, and
talks that put even the most skilled Pythonista to the test. In summary,
we’re looking for a wide range of topics, from beginner to expert level.
Talks by beginners are also most welcome!

For instructions on how to apply, please see the link below.

Akira Taniguchi

PyCon JP 2017 Team

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