PyGobject scrollwindow bug?

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PyGobject scrollwindow bug?

Brent S. Elmer Ph.D.
I have an application that I wrote using PyGTK that I recently converted
to use PyGobject introspection.  There were a few things that don't seem
to work.  I have pared my program down to a simple test case program
that demonstrates what doesn't work.  Basically when I try to make a
frozen column in a scroll list, the vertical and horizontal scrolling
does not work right.  I am including the pygtk test case that shows what
I want.  What I think is the equivalent PyGobject program has the
following problems:
1. The vertical scrolling is not right in that all of the lines don't
show and the vertical scroll bar will only show when the horizontal
scroll bar shows.  This can be seen by running the test case and
resizing the window.
2. The horizontal scroll bar does not show in the bottom pane. is the pygtk test case that does work and demonstrates how
it should be. is the PyGobject test case that has the problems. is the PyGobject test case that works because it doesn't
contain the frozen column.

Is there something I am not doing correctly or is this a PyGobject bug?


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