PyGrunn coming up! May 22nd, tickets, speakers, and more...

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PyGrunn coming up! May 22nd, tickets, speakers, and more...

Berco Beute-6
Hi everybody,

We are proud to announce the sixth episode of the wonderful PyGrunn conference! We have spent a lot of effort trying to make this year's edition even better than last year's. Check out to see for instance the impressive list of confirmed speakers.

PyGrunn is the 'Python and friends' conference with a local footprint and global mindset. Firmly rooted in the open source culture it aims to provide the leading lights in advanced internet technologies a platform to inform, inspire and impress their peers. But the most important part is of course hanging out with peers. PyGrunn has a non-commercial character and tickets are just 25 euro, which is only for covering the costs of food, drinks and an already legendary t-shirt. Days chock-full of pyhon/geek/hacker fun don't come much cheaper than that! Still in doubt? Ask someone who visited a previous edition. 

Just as last year this year's edition will take place on May 22nd at Groninger Forum (Hereplein 4-5, Groningen). So yes, once again you will be able to enjoy the talks from the comfort of a cinema chair.

Tickets are already on sale at There are only 250 tickets available and they will be sold out for sure, so don't hesitate. The 25 euro should not hold you back.

Since PyGrunn has a non-commercial character it depends on sponsors. As always Paylogic will cover a lot of the costs, and we are excited by the growing number of business sponsor. This year we're welcoming Media2B, Paylogic, Spindle, Maykin Media, Voys, Getlogic, Optiver, Crop-r, Resello, Peperzaken and Academic Transfer
Still, we would love to see more sponsors supporting the PyGrunn community. So if your company could become a sponsor. 

Spread the word and I hope to see you all at PyGrunn 2014! In the meantime follow us on Twitter and join our G+ community.

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Berco Beute

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