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PyPy speaker sought

Daley Chetwynd
Hi all,

As the organiser of the Python Sheffield user group, I'm always looking
for future Python speakers for our meetings. At our last meeting this
evening, I asked the group members what they would like to see future
talks on. One of the main responses was for a future talk on PyPy. This
could start off with the history of the PyPy project, before moving onto
the rationale for PyPy, its benefits, implementations of PyPy and plenty
of code examples.

The speaker could be someone with lots of experience in PyPy, or ideally
someone who has been involved in the development of PyPy itself. Is
there anyone here who'd be interested in giving such a talk, or knows of
someone who can? We're a free group of Python users, so we'd be looking
for someone within travelling distance of Sheffield who doesn't mind
giving up their free time to come and speak to us. I can promise you an
enthusiastic audience of Pythonistas and plenty of questions.  :)

Thanks for your help,

Daley Chetwynd (@pysheff)

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