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PyQT/SIP Haiku port (fwd)

Zoltán Mizsei
Oh, i see just now, i forgot the proof, so here is a screenshot:

Calibre viewer, based on pyqt/sip and everything works ok on Haiku (the
main UI still crashing)

Best Regards,
- extrowerk

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From: "Zoltán Mizsei" <[hidden email]>
Subject: [PyQt] PyQT/SIP Haiku port
Date: 1554192674


i'm with the HaikuPorts team here, and would like to upstream our
patches, originally from me, but other porters made also some changes
in it.
You can find our ports, current recipes and patches here:


Our current Qt port is: 5.12.2
The current Python port is: 2.7.15 and 3.6.7 (3.7 is in the pipeline
The current PyQT port is: 5.12.1
And SIP is: 4.19.15

Question: do i have to create a diff, or a PR somewhere, or could you
guys just pull our patches?

Thanks and best regards,
-- extrowerk
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