Python/Django Developer position in Palo Alto

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Python/Django Developer position in Palo Alto

Tony Loeser
Syapse is a Palo Alto based startup that will change the way biotech and pharma companies interact with their research data and results ( We have a small, experienced engineering team and it is time to hire a few more.

We run with Python on our server side for reasons that are obvious to this audience. In particular, we are looking for someone to come in and (a) contribute on the application server and expand into more of our stack and (b) be our resident Django expert. Know the platform, keep abreast of the latest Django modules (South, TastyPie, Haystack, etc. etc.) and implement a cutting edge web application. 

We are a small but experienced team of startup veterans, looking forward to bringing on someone new and learning everything they know. For more information, check out our jobs page ( and contact me ([hidden email]). 


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