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Sabrina Friedman
On Sat, 31 Jan 2009 10:37:56 -0500, "P.J. Eby" <pje at telecommunity.com>

> If this is true, then there's no need to distinguish between .py
> files and any other data files - they both belong in /share to begin
> with, not in /lib.  Or else they ALL belong in /lib.  The entire "FHS
> demands they be split" concept is wrong from the get-go, under that
> interpretation.

Not taking away from that....

but in windows things have their own directories too and python
files should go in the right places also.

Best place for packages -> \Program Files\Common Files\Python x.x\Packages

Best place for python -> \Program Files\Python x.x

Under linux - Best place for packages -> /usr/local/Python x.x/Packages.

(a python developer shouldn't go looking in system directories for
a source package he may want to look at)

Putting files where people expect to find them, doesn't cost more. The
only reason things are the way they are is because of history. But at
the same time, if we want our software to "live" in an operating system
we must follow their rules to be regarded as good citizens.




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