[Python.Net] AcquireLock deadlock while calling Python from C#

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[Python.Net] AcquireLock deadlock while calling Python from C#

Julien faixo

As Python offers better scientific computing libraries, I wish to reate a bridge between Python and C#. Numpy and matplotlib being some modules needed, I choosed Python.Net rather than IronPython in order to make this work (I'm aware of the existence of IronClad, but unfortunately it seems not to be fully compatible with matplotlib and numpy...).

Using Python.Net, I've been quite quickly able to launch Python scripts with parameters, and get back script outputs in C#. That's pretty amazing, and before poiting out my problem, I'd like to thank all the Python.Net staff, that's a really nice project :)

Now, let's talk dirty: my problem is as I said I'm able to launch python script, but this can happen only once. I am using AcquireLock and ReleaseLock as explained on various websites, but AcquireLock returns in IntPtr containing "0" (is it a bug ?), and on the second call to  AcquireLock, that's it baby, a deadlock :(

PythonEngine.Initialize() has been previously called, and is called only once.

I'm using .Net 2.0, and this issue looks exactly like this one that is 4 years old *sic*

Below, the piece of code called twice.

  IntPtr gs = PythonEngine.AcquireLock();
                PyObject module = PythonEngine.ImportModule(moduleName);
                PyObject method = module.GetAttr("Invoke");
                PyObject[] items = new PyObject[parameters.Length];
                for (int i = 0; i < parameters.Length; ++i)
                    items[i] = ToPython(parameters[i]);

                PyObject pythonReturnValue = method.Invoke(new PyTuple(items));

                Object[] result;
                if (pythonReturnValue.Length() > 0)
                    result = new Object[pythonReturnValue.Length()];
                    for (int i = 0; i < pythonReturnValue.Length(); ++i)
                        result[i] = pythonReturnValue.GetItem(i).AsManagedObject(typeof(double));
                    result = new Object[1];
                    result[0] = pythonReturnValue.AsManagedObject(typeof(double));

                foreach (PyObject item in items)

                return result;

Is there something I may have done wrong ?

Thanks for your help,

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