Python as a CS1 Language: Summary of Responses

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Python as a CS1 Language: Summary of Responses

Radenski, Atanas

I couple of weeks ago I asked for a list of schools that use Python as a CS1/CS2 language. Here is a cumulative list (in alphabetical order) that includes responses from several of you.


Canadian Mennonite University (Manitoba, Canada)

Centre College (KY, USA)

Chapman University (CA, USA)

Coventry University (United Kingdom)

Georgia Tech (GA, USA)

Hofstra University (NY, USA)

Lewis and Clark College (OR, USA)

Loyola University Chicago (IL, USA) [Python used in a course somewhere between CS0 and CS1]

Luther College (IA, USA)

Simon Fraser University (BC, Canada)

St. Louis University (MO, USA)

University of California Irvine (CA, USA)

University of Colorado (CO, USA) [Unclear which campus]

Wartburg College (IA, USA)


Many thanks to all who responded. Further updates will be appreciated.




Atanas Radenski     
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