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kirby urner-4
Over on WikiEducator, a subculture, I've expanded on work started by
WikiBuddy Promila Kumar earlier this year.

Here's the page:

The web resources could stand to be enhance, though since we're
linking to the edu-sig home page, as well as scipy, there's already a
huge space of Python links by two degrees of separation.  There's
something to be said for keeping the front page sparse, doing in-fill
on separate pages.

Y'all don't be shy about joinin' me now. <-- practicing for Georgia.

Becoming a contributor in WikiEducator involves creating your home
base (user page) and notifying the authorities, who will certify you
with the equivalent of a white, yellow, brown or black belt.  You work
your way up.  I got a yellow belt (same rank as Promila) in short
order, given all my previous experience editing Wikis (Ward Cunningham
is a Portland native after all, keep running into the guy at

Glancing mention of the Litvins text in my blog post of this morning
FYI (last paragraph):

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